facility started


Our story began in late 1960s when our founder, Mr. Sun, established a workshop for production of fine jewelry to feed local jewelry shops across Bangkok. Back then, jewelry industry was marginal, where production houses were few and demand for precious jewelry still limited to the elitist society. Inspired by ethereal beauty of precious gems and jewels, Mr. Sun envisioned a society where women adorn themselves with jewels over fashionable dresses and working men propose to the women they love with diamond rings, He set out to create fine jewelry affordable to everyone.

By the turn of the decade, the production workshop housed over 40 experienced craftsmen, able to churn out hundreds of fashionable jewelry pieces each month. In-house artisans and innovative approaches to production bolstered the workshop’s supply to majority of the 70 jewelry stores city-wide, from Ban-moh to Nakorn-kasem.




1st retail
store opened
on Silom


A breakthrough opportunity arose when a highly sought after space on Silom road became available. Mr. Sun decided that, to fulfil his dreams, he needed to be accessible by consumers. He seized the opportunity and, in 1973, the first retail boutique by Sun Sun Jewelry was opened to the public.




sourcing of large
fancy diamonds and
pearls commenced


Prices of large precious stones, especially diamonds, were still prohibitively high to most people. To feed the burgeoning appetite for affordable precious jewelry, Sun Sun began sourcing internationally from Europe and other parts of Asia to capture price arbitrages previously accessible to traders.





Precious gemstones
office opened


With growing customer base, both locals and expatriates, Sun Sun looked beyond the predominantly diamond jewelry business into the emerging interests in precious color stones. It was during this time that Sun Sun opened the first gems office in Chantaburi. The new venture proved to be well-timed, as global diamond price took a nosedive during the early 1980s.



1st international office opened in Hong Kong


In mid-80s, Sun Sun launched her first international office in Hong Kong named Yat Fung Gem, also known as the Ratanaruangrai company. The company distinguished herself through superior creation of beautiful jewelry, adorned with captivating gem stones from around the world. Following successful years of international business, Sun Sun broadened her reach with additional gems sourcing office and store branches. By then, Sun Sun became the trademark for luxurious yet practical one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with extraordinary selections of precious stones.



2nd precious gems office opened in Bangkok


Quality craftsmanship is essential in transforming design into fine jewelry, but understanding customers, creating value and personalization create the finest jewelry befitting each customer. Mr. Sun instilled this awareness and conscientiously encouraged all his personnel, from designers to inspectors to engage with their clients. Leaving no stone unturned, Mr. Sun conscientiously stretched the conventional boundaries in pursuit of better design, more effective sourcing and higher productivity. He introduced science to the traditionally art and craft nature of his jewelry business.





1st hotel


To extend services to customers, Sun Sun expanded into complementary hospital industry. This includes a restaurant and therapeutic massage service facilities.





New Headquarter inaugurated


In early 1990s, Sun Sun acquired a prime plot of land in Silom. And just as Mr. Sun would assure the quality of his finest pieces of jewelry, he meticulously oversaw the design, procurement and construction of what would become the current Sun Sun Jewelry building. Sun Sun Jewelry headquarter was inaugurated in 1995.


Diversification into hospitality industry


Over the years, Sun Sun weathered severe economic and political instabilities, but she remained steadfast in the core beliefs of the company in her creation of not only fascinating jewelry designs, but also value and personalization for each customer. On top of that, Sun Sun believes in giving back to the society and had long been a vanguard of socially responsible movement through responsible production, procurement, volunteer efforts as well as direct cash contribution to non-profit organizations.






Today, Sun Sun is the dedicated and trusted partner behind numerous successful proposals, the dependable producer of superior jewelry creations that connect with individual lifestyle, as well as the supplier of choice for many jewelry stores in the region.

We are proud of Sun Sun heritage and commit to carry on the legacy for generations to come.